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Sharon Stone was a very smart kid and her parents wanted her to escape the blue-collar community where they lived.  She could have become a lawyer with the brains she had but instead, she followed her gut and her first love of acting.  She joined beauty pageants and it was during one of these that she was discovered.  She became a model then gradually moved into the film industry.  Although most of her early roles were forgettable, she always brought to the screen her blonde sensuality which is her trademark as an actress.  Then she got her first big break when she portrayed the role of bisexual author Catherine Tramell in “Basic Instinct”.  She became an overnight success and most of Hollywood suddenly clamored for the new “it” girl.  From then on her career had its ups and downs but throughout it all, she maintained the sexiness that has become synonymous with her name.  Now time to check out for yourself this sultry blonde actress in all her naked glory.  Go ahead and surf Sharon Stone Nude for all the nude images and movies you would ever want of Sharon Stone.  Just click the link to start your hot web experience with Hollywood’s most accomplished seductress.