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July 27th, 2016 by J

Enough about the controversial pussy flash of feisty blonde, Sharon Stone, because she’s got a bigger bombshell for all of us in this hardcore interracial sex tape. She got millions of instant admirers from that famous Basic Instinct scene and fortunately one of them found his way inside her bedroom and underwear. Well, one that we know of, at least. Here’s their about to become famous hardcore anal video, which you need to prepare for. It’s none like anything you’ve seen of Stone as she is in an all-out hardcore sex spree with this hung hunk. Good thing she did some extra pussy flash just after the said scene was taken because some hot BBC was determined to stick his massive dick inside her and he was successful with that. Stone had a blast sucking on this jock’s big cock and the more she enjoyed riding it and getting plowed in various positions.

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And of course, to make everything worth the wait and every single fantasy that they only had in their minds before they can actually hook up and fuck each other up rough, Stone did get a fresh ton of load from this hot and naughty BBC. She wasn’t expecting it to be this hardcore, she says, as she wasn’t sure if they will click on the first meet. Then again, it’s all about lust and their willingness to give this new experience a shot. Interracial sex just got hotter with feisty Sharon Stone working on a black man’s throbbing cock, in whatever fashion she desires, and in turn, her new fuck buddy gave her all his warm sticky cum that she’s been craving to eat. Its no longer just to taste but to swallow all the goodness of cum just after getting her tight ass banged!

Sharon Stone banged in the ass

March 21st, 2016 by J

Sharon Stone is said to be some kinda gifted kid, having to enter second grade at the age of five. This could be one of the any reasons why she is successful as an artist and have been linked and even married to men, who we could say, “from high places”. It’s no longer just about her long legs, good looks, and appetite for anything naughty. Cliche but she is indeed one of the women considered to be beauty and brains. But you will never know of these facts unless you delve deeper into her biography and if only you can take your mind off what made her famous, as the wild murderous blonde woman in the film Basic Instinct.

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Flashing her bald pussy as she was seated while being interrogated, every single person who have seen this scene will most likely recall how feisty Sharon looked and that it is in everyone’s fantasies since. This landed her a spot in the 50 most beautiful people in the world of People Magazine.  This video is like how would imagine happened after those men saw her cunt, going wild about her and sticking their holes in her mouth and ass just as how she begged them while teasing naughtily on cam.

Sharon Stone enjoys the beach most when she’s topless

July 31st, 2008 by sharon

Sharon Stone still has the kind of tits that a woman won’t be ashamed of to bare in public.  And that’s what she does in this small set of candid pictures taken of her while she soaked up the sun’s rays in some unknown beach.  But from the pictures, you can see that this is not a private beach where you can enjoy sunbathing in the nude by yourself.  She has some companions with her and all I can say is they’re so lucky to be there with her and see her tits in person.  If I was there I’d be staring at her tits the whole day.  Since I can’t, I’ll just sit here and stare at her tits in my monitor.  That would be the next best thing as far as I’m concerned.  I must say that you have to visit this site,, and check out the huge collection of nude pictures and movies of Sharon Stone they have over there.  Just click the link and enjoy browsing through their Sharon Stone gallery.

Topless and see-thru glamour shots of our favorite Hollywood celeb

July 31st, 2008 by sharon

When you think of glamorous celebrities, Sharon Stone easily comes to mind.  She’s ranked right there on the top of Hollywood’s most beautiful actresses.  She’s gorgeous and simply stunning with these topless and see-thru photos.  Check the full-sized version by clicking on the thumbs below.

Sharon Stone remains one of today’s most desirable women because of her ability to exude sexuality through her pores.  One look at her seductive eyes and you’re hooked.  One look at her fantastic tits and your knees turn to butter.  Now I may be a bit exaggerating here but if you think about it, she still has the power to do just that to most men, even if she’s already fifty years old.  Imagine what you’d feel if you came face to face with her when she was at her peak during the nineties.  Anyway, enough talk.  Let’s just enjoy looking at her.  Visit Sharon Stone Nude and you’d understand what I’m saying in this post.

Some nude screenies from Sharon’s early movies

July 31st, 2008 by sharon

With the way she portrays her characters in the video clips below, it is no surprise that she’s considered as the sex symbol of American cinema in the nineties.  Her sultry but classic blonde good looks always seem to bring out the lust in the people who watch her movies; especially the horny guys who undoubtedly watch the movies just because she appears nude in them.  Check out the video clips below and click them to get the full version.

In the first clip, she’s seen getting dressed with no underwear underneath.  The way this scene was shot gives off a voyeuristic feel and certainly adds to the atmosphere that the movie “Basic Instinct” tries to convey.  The second is her shower sex scene with Sylvester Stallone in the movie, “The Specialist”.  Her tight body is on full display in this scene but somehow contrasts with Sly’s over-buffed physique (or maybe I just don’t like Stallone that’s why I said that).  Good thing she’s the only subject of every man’s gaze during this scene.  The third nude scene is from the movie “Action Jackson”.  Not much said about this one except she looks stunning as usual (with her tits hanging out, of course) as she wipes her nude body with a towel.  Visit to get the other movies and video clips that are available.  You can also get as much nude Sharon Stone pictures as you want.  Not bad, eh?

Bask in Sharon Stone’s sexuality with these hot photos

July 31st, 2008 by sharon

We’ve already established that Sharon Stone is sexiness personified.  And with these steamy photos, she only strengthens our conviction that she’s the hottest 50-year-old in Hollywood.  Now that’s saying something.  You don’t get to half a century without some problems along the way.  But with these hot pics, one can see that Sharon has managed to stay delicious all throughout her fifty years in this world.  Her body is not that fit anymore but it is still amazing for a woman her age if she can maintain even a fourth of her sexiness.  She must really have extraordinary discipline to be able to stay in shape all the time.  I really admire her for her beauty and sexiness.  All I can say is that Sharon will still be the stuff of men’s dreams even after she leaves this world.  Now that it’s proven that she’s still hot, click this link if you want more from this sexy blonde celeb.